Hi. I'm Ryan.

I'm a fullstack developer, designer and photographer. I love working with
Javascript, Ruby, and React.

My Projects

Wax Chromatics

Vinyl record collection management app built with React.js while using a Ruby on Rails API backend. Users do not need to have an existing Discogs account, but you will be able to authenticate via OAuth 1.0. User login info is handled using JWT. Current frontend is using Semantic UI


A Ruby on Rails job scraper that uses LinkedIn and BuiltInNyc to list jobs from the last 24hrs while avoiding duplicates based on company and job title. Pulls LinkedIn data by logging in as you and having Selenium navigate behind the scenes.


A Javascript and CSS game based on the NY Times Spelling Bee. Uses Dictionary.com API to check validity of word on game creation.


A Ruby on Rails CRUD appliction that pulls data from Google Books API and mimics functionality that you'd find on Goodreads.